Monday, November 26, 2012


Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. I don't think the commercial interests have yet found a way to monetize it in a way which creeps into its wonderfulness. Eating lots of food and spending time with family or friends without having gift giving or hunting for eggs or setting of explosives... all in the context of giving thanks for what we have and giving back to others. Lovely.

Erin pulled off this year's fest basically by herself. Turkey, stuffing (the fennel, pear, sausage variety), cranberries, potatoes both sweet and Idaho-ish, and a great gravy to boot. She did a fantastic job and we had good company to boot. The night ended with Erin's Aunt Linda and I playing a guess what I'm describing in words type game versus Erin and her cousin Helena. Lots of wine, no clear winner. 

Atticus and I had just gotten back from a quick trip to Hawaii which I will memorialize on this blog with this photo only and have enough be said:

I took a brief hiatus from cooking which was a welcome respite in some ways though the rhythm of cooking can be peaceful for sure. Without further ado, the menu for the week:

Prosciutto-wrapped cod with lemon and parimgiano piselli and bread
- have to keep the salt down on the cod since the prosciutto has a bit but otherwise wrap, pepper and garlic and in the oven with a little olive oil, lovely
Two beans and a turkey stew with salad
- gonna wing (no pun intended) this one from the leftover turkey and some pinto and kidney beans along with onion, a little cilantro, some tomatoes and we'll see what else
Grilled catfish, potato cakes and broccoli
- catfish is a staple in Texas now, will transform the leftover potatoes from T-day with some chives, green onions and sour cream into fried cakes of goodness
Garden burgers with sweet potatoes and okra
- Atticus loves these things - the garden burgers. Will not touch mushrooms any other way that I know of
Gas station tacos and kale
- have grown to love kale (thank you Oregon); the gas station tacos lit my mouth on fire last time, so less chipotle, same pineapple and cloves though with a pit of pork braised and delicious!