Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dinner for the week of June 12

So this week looks pretty promising - no call until Saturday and still coming home from the world's worst food environs that is the hospital cafeteria. There's one woman that smiles back at me every day and I swear she sort of furtively looks around as she does to make sure none of the others see her... anyway, here it goes (this is tentative as Erin's pregnant nose is acting up and may react negatively...). In fact, I've just been informed that tomatoes, olive oil, meat and strong flavor are bad - after having purchased the ingredients for the below - guess what's in them.

The little one creating all this havoc has also morphed from varieties of fresh fruit to a sea creature (medium size apparently) - now a shrimp formerly known as kumquat/lime/blueberry.

Scallops and seared brussels with garlic bread
- quick and easy with panko on the scallops and the brussels with some garlic bread

Hanger steak with a mushroom-swiss polenta and summer greens and fresh tomatoes
- the mushroom-swiss polenta will be the tricky bit - how to maintain flavor amidst all that starch while keeping it fluffy...

Panzanella with bufala mozzarella and yellow summer squash
- bread salad with fresh mozzarella and good tomatoes with olives and basil - how can one go wrong... the summer squash I'm going to broil after slicing thin longwise to make little ribbons...

Vietnamese fish with bok choy and udon
- the recipe that I'm working from with this is odd somewhat because it's literally labeled 'Asian fish' - I thought most folks had gotten past 'Asian' and 'African' and realized that those are continents with highly varied sections within them (countries). So I'm changing the recipe in a few ways and the name - we're going with Vietnamese despite the udon noodles....

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