Saturday, October 22, 2011

6 weeks and counting!

I'm officially 33 weeks pregnant today, which means 6 weeks till I stop working, and 5-8 till I deliver this little one. Alex and I went to the Bronx Zoo today and walked around and talked, and especially cherished that we didn't have a child with us. Lots of parents and their children, in wonderful Halloween costumes, but definitely not the peaceful, romantic experience for them that we had. So I've been thinking about all the things we should do before our baby arrives: plays, concerts, going out to movies or dinner, sleeping normal hours... It's definitely time to cherish the moments we have now.

None of the above relates to dinner this week- just what I've been thinking about today.
Here's the menu (check Epicurious for the recipes):

0. (Homemade pizza tonight, with mozzarella and Italian sausage from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, the real little Italy).

1. Tagliatelle with prosciutto and orange
Side salad of arugula

2. Chicken Gabriella with roasted potatoes
Broccoli with lemon

3. Nan's shepherd pie
(Can you tell I'm craving lots of protein and potatoes lately? The green vegetables are all an afterthought...)
Sauteed spinach with garlic

4. Creamy pumpkin and cashew curry

I think that's plenty for the week. I just need to check and make sure that Alex likes all of these options.
Hmm, I probably should have added fish somewhere...

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