Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall is here- Erin's choice week

Alex has been working long hours lately, and he is currently in the middle of a 14 day stretch without a day off. I promised him I would try my best to make his life easier this month, and in that vein, AND because it's fun to choose the recipes for the week, here is what we will be eating. All recipes are from the "Quick and Easy" section of Epicurious - since I'll be the one cooking :)
Lots of warm, comforting foods, to start combating the chill that's arrived this week with the changing season...

1. Whole Branzino with Ladolemono = basically a lemon and olive oil marinade originally from Greece that changes the ratio of acid to oil.
Garlic stir fried brussels sprouts = trying to continue to get vegetables into my diet, since I really don't feel like eating them most days. Alex eats them all with pleasure, the twerp.
Garlic couscous.

2. Green Chile Pozole = with chicken instead of pork, since FreshDirect didn't have any reasonably priced pork loin.
Maybe an avocado salad on the side?

3. Hanger steak with mushrooms and red wine sauce.
I'm excited about this one, since the chanterelles and criminis were on sale for fall. I'm just going to saute them in butter and throw some salt and pepper on them. Mmmmm.
I think we need a vegetable here, but I didn't order one-- will pick something up from Pioneer.

4. French onion soup, with baguette and raclette cheese.
Spinach, goat cheese and beet salad (probably no beets for Alex).

He's on call Wednesday, and we're both away from home Sunday and Monday evenings, so this should be plenty to tide us over.
I'm so glad it's Saturday. I'm headed to Brooklyn today to see Mom and Dad before he goes home, and hopefully May and Phineas and their parents!

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  1. Erin never ceases to amaze me - the menu this week was superb - the green chile pozole was amazing and the hanger steak was top notch... the branzino was a hit as well - whole fish is not always my favorite, but that version was sublime.