Monday, October 31, 2011


We had some friends over for dinner during the snowstorm the other day... the weather was so foul that it was a perfect day to cook. Since some of it turned out so well, it will be recorded here for posterity (which is coming soon!). The day after was beautiful at least...

Lemon Sage Squash Crostini
- inspired by a cottage cheese the night before that had been mistaken for ricotta by a friend who had us over... whipped up some ricotta with lemon zest and pepper, roasted and then scooped out an acorn squash, quick fried some leftover sage leaves and put it all together: french bread crostini with a smear of ricotta, then a dollop of squash and a fried sage leaf to top.

Roasted Acorn Squash with Carrot-Apple Puree - this was a real hit apparently. The squash I just cut in half and roasted for 20-30 mins. The carrots were cooking as I was preparing the potatoes... just cut up some carrots along with apples, roasted in the oven for 40 minutes and then pureed them together with some fresh rosemary... slice the squash thinly with a garnish of the carrot-apple puree... easy and done!

Burgers and Panko-fried mashed - the main was burgers, grilled after marinating for at least 1-2hrs... oh so good with grilled onions and blue cheese... and the other side we had was this version of mashed potatoes that I don't think I will try again: boil potatoes, mix with cheddar, sour cream, green onion and then make into 1-inch diameter rolls which you chill... then slice into 1 inch circumference-ish balls to then dip into flour, egg, panko and fry them up. Others liked them as a handy way to eat mashed potatoes that had a crunchy outside... I was less of a fan.

I'm working nights all week so less dinner and probably lots of weird food for me... I'm sure Erin and baby will be eating splendidly though.

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