Monday, July 18, 2011

Bloody Alex

I will be making dinner tonight. Hence, I have tied this post to food:

Alex had yet another bike accident today. I was driving to work this morning, realized I forgot my phone, and in the next moment, had a weird feeling that I should be very very careful because something terrible could happen today. I thought it meant me in a car accident. Apparently, it meant Alex would be injured elsewhere. He got to work via Mili's car, after calling my unanswerable phone, then hobbling around looking for the train station and pausing every 50 feet to breathe. Once there, his team insisted that he go to the ER, because of his rapid breathing. He probably has a fractured rib, although it wasn't clear on the X-ray. Plus multiple contusions and abrasions and an injured shoulder.

Coming home this afternoon, what is his main priority? To get to a bike shop and get the cursed bicycle fixed so he can ride it to work tomorrow. I drove to find him and apparently, I wasn't pleasant. Am I to blame for shouting at him? Is it okay for me to throw the bicycle out the window while he is sleeping tonight? He's so darn perky about it - I think, to contrast with my ferociousness. I don't want anything to happen to him. ANYTHING. Even little contusions and broken ribs and banged helmets. And he's irritatingly cavalier about it all.

Wish other people were reading this post and could figure out another way to make him be more careful, ride slower, ride fewer days and take the subway sometimes- which seems to be much much safer. Because clearly my worry only makes him more determined...

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