Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweet addition to the menu for this week...

I'm making a mascarpone and cream cheese cheesecake with lemon and a sour cream/lemon topping. Sounds amazing, right? Alex loves cheesecake more than any other dessert.
The recipe is on epicurious, at:

I hope it turns out well. There are a huge number of reviews of it, mostly saying positive things, but some warnings about cooking time and amount of butter. Since I'm not an expert chef, I usually just follow the recipe, but I did use less butter for the crust (7Tbs instead of 10T- worked fine), and it wasn't at all set when I checked it at 30min, so it's going for 20min more. With some checking in between.

The batter was spectacular- although, after I'd licked the bowl, the mixer, and the spatula, I remembered there was some warning about pregnant women consuming raw eggs. Oh well---

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  1. This was the best cheesecake in the world! It had just a subtle hint of lemon and the crust was outstanding! Not too mushy and the sour cream-based topping made it just the right tartness - well done Erin!!!