Saturday, July 30, 2011

Birthing and Clams

So we went over to the midwife's house today who will possibly be doing the home birth. She is a lovely woman and has a good balance of respect for the birthing process as a possible medical process but more likely a fairly simple and straightforward labor and delivery without much intervention needed. From my experience (attending about 100 births or so) and most of the stories I have heard from friends, this is going to be the safest and happiest way to bring our little boy into the world... oh yeah, a boy - pics below (Erin didn't scan the one of his package cause she figured I would post it and she was right, but trust me, it's a boy!):

On the way home, we stopped and had some decent Mexican food at a place in Brooklyn run by Chinese guys whose menu was unmistakably set up as a Chinese menu but with Mexican food substituted in - but fresh tortillas and not bad at all. They also had a choking poster depicting Chinese characters doing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver with instructions in Spanish.

Finally, we stopped at the Prospect Park Farmer's Market to get some food for dinner. Peaches were awesome (but pricey), corn looks great and the seafood was good too. Bright yellow zucchini and some eggplant to finish it off. On the way home, Erin kept saying that she thought that clams, corn and potatoes sounded good but wouldn't give a whole heck of a lot more detail as to how she thought the three ingredients might coalesce - she just kept repeating clams, corn and potatoes. She's wonderful. The potatoes look very fresh and so I think may be good a little undercooked even with a bit of tart to them... so here goes one idea to fulfill her vision:

Clams, Corn and Potatoes
- we'll slice the potatoes thin, then broil with herbs and butter for 20mins or so until they have a little bit of crusting going on. The corn will be broiled (until we get a BBQ). I'll cook the clams and mussels in garlic with yellow squash and oregano, and steam them till just the first ones open then add the potatoes to finish in the last 5 minutes to soak up a bit of juice but still be crispy from the caramelizing and then plate with broken pieces of corn on the cob on the side as a platter... we shall see.

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