Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heat wave

So this last weekend was 100+ for most of the time... we still had a good time however. Erin was a star at the bodega in the Bronx - her bright smiling face attracted people who sort of stepped back when I said 'hi, would you like to fill out a survey on what you eat?' Otherwise, went to Mike's show which was good music as usual but crappy location in random place in Williamsburg and had a lovely cool dinner:

Cucumber-mint soup and Watermelon-basil-feta salad with Tiger Shrimp
- all cool for this one: the cucumbers were easy (and one from the garden): just cucumbers in the mixer with some mint, then add some yogurt, sour cream and a bit of mustard. The salad was watermelon, basil from the garden, radish, feta, tomatoes and a little onion with some olive oil - lovely! Tiger shrimp fresh somehow and locally obtained - all served cold in a hot apartment.

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