Saturday, September 17, 2011

Korea, football and karaoke

This weekend was filled with lots of football and football-friendly food. I haven't actually watched that much football in probably 7 or 8 years in a single day... we had nachos, chicken strips, jalapeno poppers, leftover salad... it was all good but that much of anything can leave me a bit over-satiated.

We did start off the weekend with a bang - went to a little art gala opening of some friends that was quite posh, then down to Korea town and had some good Korean vegetable bibimbap (or at least I think that's what it was - vegetables and a little shredded beef cooked in a stone pot and brought to the table still sizzling hot with a raw egg served over the top - the condiments were lovely and varied from good kimchi to green beans to a fishy bean mix. After that we were off to the Korean karaoke bar at which Lan was celebrating her 30th - had a great time there. I accidentally picked Papa Don't Preach by Madonna without realizing that it was about a pregnant woman telling her papa that she's keepin the baby despite her father's objections about her mate...
Anyway, not much too crazy this week - I'm mostly interested in making a pizza with a decent crust with my pizza stone which has been resting for months and has rarely had what I would call true success.

Sausage and red pepper pizza with a side of roasted squash and carmelized onions
- we shall see about this crust; dough not from scratch so a little nervous about outcome

Lamb kebabs with honey spice glaze with tabbouleh and cucumber salad
- Going to use the grill for this one! The honey spice glaze I've used in the past is basically lemon, honey, paprika and a bit of chili powder or cayenne. I'm not the world's expert on bulgur so the tabbouli (apparently spelled multiple ways) could be a bit rough...

Quiche with ABA salad (Erin liked a lot) - see prior post for origin of ABA salad and recipe for quiche

Spaghetti carbonara with mustard greens and roasted carrots
- I use the basic recipe from the Silver Spoon - why mess with that... I think I actually do change it slightly but whatever.

Lastly, a brief word on the childbirth class, more to process my own thoughts than anything of interest to anyone else. It's a good class but a little hard in some ways. I know a lot about childbirth having gone to medical school and seen 100+ births through that and residency. And so when the teacher goes over basic stuff about birth, it's just a little hard to pay full attention despite her best efforts at making it interesting. At the same time, I know that many of my colleagues who have gone through a birth themselves have come out of the process having wanted things to go 'differently' than what actually happened. So I think there's certainly something to be learned, and I definitely have picked up things about being supportive emotionally through the process of labor that medical school did nothing for. One thing that was hard tonight was when someone would ask a question and she would defer that to a later class topic when I thought it was a fairly simple question that could have been answered - but it's not my class and she's the teacher so I stayed quiet. I'm going to try and find a way to be engaged and contribute though I don't know how that's going to work quite yet. I know Erin loves it but less so when she can tell I'm bored... perhaps I'll think of variations on the name for our son when he's finally born: combine Atticus with Henry and/or Will for Willicus or Hetticus. Or perhaps something more productive.

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  1. And the song I picked for karaoke was "Thunder Rolls" by Garth Brooks, which is all about domestic abuse. Sigh. Are there subconscious meanings to these? -E